Tokyo-bound Moving: The Many Wonders of Tokyo

Tokyo is a city that has a lot to offer. The capital of Japan is home to many tourist attractions. Located in this district are a lot of sights and sounds for the tourist in you. If you are planning on going to Asia, then Tokyo is probably one place to check. No matter what you want to do in Tokyo, this city may have it all for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best this city has to offer.

The Imperial Palace

This fantastic site is home to the Emperor of Japan, Akihito. In the distant past, it was known as Edo Castle- home of the samurai warriors. This compound is more than just a palace. It has a park occupying a huge amount of land. Most of it is open tot he public, so you can stroll through lush gardens, and admire your immediate surroundings. If you happen to go there in April, the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom, which is undoubtedly a sight to behold.

Tokyo Skytree

This 634-meter building, which opened back in 2012 is pretty hard to miss. Rising above the Sumida district of Minato,  this communications and observation tower has become one of the most visited sites in Tokyo. Its panoramic views make sure that the tourist enjoys the sight from above. With views from the 350 and 450-meter mark, you can be sure to have a vantage point suited to your preference. Be sure to taste the experience this building has to offer.

The National Museum of Tokyo

This world-class museum is home to over a hundred thousand works of art. These vary from Japanese, Chinese, and Indian art. It is also home to more than a hundred national treasures. This museum, which opened in 1938, houses various pieces. These include old textiles, historical military equipment, old Japanese clothing, and Asian ceramics. These various artefacts date from the 6th century to the present. You need not worry about the language barrier, as English-speaking guides are available for you. Fulfil your lust for cultural and historical wonders in this amazing museum.

Shibuya Pedestrian

Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya is known for its 24/7, 365 offering of shops, restaurants, and nightlife. This is why so many people pass by this area. If you happen to drop by, make sure to check the huge and busy pedestrian crossing directly in front of the Shibuya Station’s Hachiko Exit. The combination of stoplights, neon screens, and walking people make this area a unique experience for tourists. This pedestrian lane is undoubtedly unlike any other in Asia.

These are just some of the best sites Tokyo has to offer. From the amazing Imperial Palace to the busy streets of Shibuya- this city has it all in store for you. It doesn’t matter what you crave, because Tokyo surely has what you want. Be sure to include it in your bucket list of trips, if you have the desire to go east. Take a trip to Tokyo, and see the sun rise with your dreams.

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