The Trip of a Lifetime for Travel Buddies: 3 Reasons to Go to Japan in Groups

Subhead: Japan is a great country to explore, especially if you have your friends or family in tow. Solo travel and soul-searching have been all the rage among travel aficionados.

Spending leisurely time in nature walks and going to nondescript secret locations have become common ways for tourists to discover an exciting country. In Japan, however, it might be better as a group destination, and here are the reasons.

1. Join group tours to meet other travellers

Some travellers are well-versed in making itineraries. Others, however, are overwhelmed with where to start. Group travellers can avail of tours around Japan to make the trip even more memorable and even affordable, depending on the package.

What’s more, it’s the perfect place to meet other travellers and learn even more during the trip through guided tours.

2. Go biking around prefectures

Trains are basically a staple way of travelling within and around Japan. While it’s fun to hop on and hop off different destinations, there is also another way to enjoy scenic locations such as Kyoto: biking!

Biking is very common in Japan for both tourists and locals. The upside is that one can get up close and personal to the sites on a bike and it’s easier to take your time exploring the city. Best of all, when riding with friends, you can easily make it an exciting bonding activity.

3. Indulge in Japanese food

Perhaps this is the biggest advantage of having friends with you — you can try out more food to share! With the vast array of Japanese food available in both fine dining restaurants and mom n’ pop stores along alleyways, it’s best to try their food to share.

This way, you can cover more ground with friends and even try the more expensive options. The country has a very respectful way of preparing their food, so watching food preparation is a display of Japanese cuisine. Some tours in Japan offer food experiences as well.

Japan is a place of many wonders, which makes it an ideal destination for friends or family. Plan to travel with loved ones so that every part of the trip will be a cherished shared experience.

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