BFF Talk: Strengthening Your Bond With Your Best Friend

Having a best friend is like having a sibling, and a pseudo-significant other rolled into one. They are the people who support your quirkiness, ambitions, and romantic choices. Other times, they are the rational voices that keep you from doing things that may harm or disappoint you. And you play the same role to them, too. You can think of it that way, but having a best friend is a privilege—not everyone has the opportunity and the time to find someone that can serve as their platonic soul mate.

To make this relationship work, you need to work hard. You need to take the initiative to get them involved in fun activities that will strengthen your bond with them (especially when it is them that usually takes the lead). If you do not know where to start, here are some ideas that will help you make the most of your time together.

Go on a road trip

If you are looking for something exciting and can be done within the day, you can always go on a road trip. This should not be hard, especially if one of you has a car. Otherwise, you need to rent one. Plan the destinations and be prepared with the essentials. You can choose to explore the next city, visit its museum, and enjoy its cuisines. But if you are aiming to make it longer, then go camping! A long road trip will surely allow you and your best friend to have a quiet time together.

Why not volunteer together?

Do road trips sound exhausting to you? If you do not want to go too far away, and your best friend is looking for something meaningful to do, you can always go for volunteer works. This should not be hard, as many charities and organisations are willing to accept volunteers. If this is not possible, you and your best friend may choose to start a fund-raiser—maybe start a garage sale, a lemonade stand, or a benefit concert.

If you have the budget, then travel abroad!

friends traveling together

At some point in your lives, you and your best friend have planned to travel abroad together. Then make this happen this time, especially that there are a lot of budget air carriers to go for. If you want to explore the Southeast Asia side, head to Singapore first. This is a cosmopolitan country that has a lot of sights, sounds, and flavours to offer. While there, it pays that you visit the Singapore light show. Do not forget to bring a good camera.

Learn new skills together

Maybe you and your best friend are always keen on improving yourselves. If this perfectly describes your friendship, then consider learning new skills. For one, you can learn baking together or any art-related skills. You may even choose to go back to school to get a certificate course or take an MBA!

Having a best friend is a blessing that you should treasure. And since you are in a give and take relationship, you need to do your part. You need to bring something to the table that will strengthen the bond between you and them.

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