Can Travel Improve Work Performance?

Are you wondering why you are unmotivated, uninspired and underperforming? The causes of this slump may be fatigue, monotony, or the lack of certain skills to do your job well. One remedy to this malaise is travel. Traveling can revitalize your career and get you back on track.

Agents from a Mormon cruise company cite the following ways travel can help your career.

1. It helps you become a better communicator.

Travel puts you at the limit of your comfort zone, exposure to different cultures, and people who don’t speak the language will force you to communicate. These instances provide you with several opportunities to become a better communicator.

You’ll have to speak to strangers or other travelers to reach your destination, buy tickets, negotiate, and look for places and other such things. This exposure gives you repetitions that you may carry over to the workplace once your trip ends.

2. It gives you networking opportunities.

When you travel, you’ll meet all sorts of people from different backgrounds. This provides you with an opportunity to network, especially if that other person works in the same industry as you. Informal settings make people open and a bit more talkative.

Starting a conversation is simpler and easier; take a chance and ask about what they do and how you can help each other after your trip. Avoid bringing up work-related questions early in the conversation. Only do so once you’ve established a friendly connection.

3. You gain perspective.

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Monotonous work may cause tunnel vision; you may be unaware of possibilities, alternative solutions, and answers to problems. Travel allows you to detach and see a situation from a different perspective.

The experience of being in another city or country opens your eyes and broadens your horizon (as the cliché goes). New experiences add to the mix; meeting new people, tasting a dish you have never tried before, jumping off a cliff into a natural pool, riding a motorcycle and others.

These things open your mind and allow you to look at something from another vantage point. You can bring this ability to work and implement it in various ways.

4. It relieves fatigue.

A person may feel fatigued because of their long work hours that sometimes extend to the weekends. This stressful load may cause burnout and a drastic drop in performance.

In such cases, they might need a long holiday to recover and get back on track. A vacation in Mexico, the Bahamas, or anywhere may be the experience they need to become an inspired employee.

5. You can learn a new skill.

Travel may open your eyes to a talent or talents you are unaware of. You may stumble upon it because you were put in a situation that takes you out of your comfort zone. Even if the skill you learned while traveling doesn’t translate to the office, the idea of trying and learning something new won’t be difficult.

6. You get inspiration.

You may need to leave the confines of your office to get inspiration. Getting lost in a new and beautiful city or amid towering trees and rock formations may stimulate creativity. When you travel to a new place, your mind will get all sorts of stimulus that can trigger a ‘eureka’ moment.

Going on a cruise or any kind of holiday is a great way to improve productivity. The new experiences stimulate creativity and broaden your horizons.

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