How Much Does Professional Tree Planting Cost in the UK?

If you are wondering how much it will cost you to pay for professional tree planting in the UK, you should expect to spend £15 per hour.

Households that require landscaping services for plants and trees should consider hiring Air Spade Investigation service, wherein professionals inspect soil structure and nutrient content in gardens. This is helpful, particularly because the country needs more trees to address climate change.

Tree Planting

Another reason to hire a gardening professional involves the selection of plants, shrubs and trees that would be most suitable for your area. They could likewise offer expert advice on how to prune, weed and water the plants. Landscaping services usually cost £25 per hour, but the actual cost may be more or less expensive, depending on the size of your garden.

Your location will determine the overall price as well. Professional rates in urban areas are generally more expensive than those in suburban and regional places, so consider this when setting a budget. Regardless of how much you are willing to spend, think about how you will be helping the environment with every tree planted in your garden.

Tackling Climate Change

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) said tree planting in the UK should grow twice the current number in the next two years. According to the CCC, this need stems from the rapid changes in land use in the country.

As much as 17 per cent of land for food production will be converted to accommodate residential communities, crop-growing farms and woodlands. Grassland areas would also be converted for the same reasons. That said, tree planting should increase to 20,000 hectares by 2020 from the current area of 9,000 hectares to prevent any adverse effects on the environment.

Most plants and trees fail to thrive due to lack of proper care and maintenance. How much are you willing to spend to maintain your yard and save the environment?

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