The popularity of Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural shows one thing: that people are curious about what they cannot see. It only takes one story about a pub being haunted for it to attract more clients. There are bonus points if it looks the part, of course.

Around the UK, Bodmin Jail noted that there are several locations that offer ghost hunting nights, especially in Cornwall. For your next adventure, look for the following scare aspects:

Underground Locations

Buzzfeed’s recently concluded season finally crossed the pond and visited the UK to feature a haunted tavern. What makes these locations scary is the fact that they could be a place you would not suspect (as in the case of a regular pub) or they could be underneath the ground you walk on. Imagine hearing the story whilst enjoying a pint, not knowing you are in a haunted location.

Eerie Apparitions

The scare factor is up a notch when there are reports of apparitions. Your mind will start to be more active in searching for these images, even in bright daylight. Though there are arguments about apparitions being nothing but tricks of the light, if you have managed to capture something on film or camera, your argument will be a little more convincing. Unless, of course, you happen to be good at using Photoshop or any photo editing software.

Tomes of Evidence

Perhaps the best evidence to back up a haunted place’s reputation is the number of first-hand accounts of an encounter. When more people agree that it is haunted, it must be so. For a location to be featured even in Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural means that it must have been recommended by the avid viewers of the series — or that it is a popular attraction, to begin with.

Your night of ghost hunting with friends can be more fulfilling if you find a scary location. Thankfully, around the UK there are several options. Happy hunting!

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