3 Reasons You Should See the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio

Every year, the Panagbenga Festival entices tourists from around the Philippines to witness its showcase of the season’s flower harvest. Famous for its floral float parade, tourists flock to the renowned festival for both entertainment and leisure — the festival surely doesn’t disappoint in that department.

Itching to go next year, but still haven’t made up your mind? Here’s why you shouldn’t hesitate and buy that ticket already:

  • See flower floats made by local artisans and organizations. You’ll appreciate the flamboyant flower floats that were crafted by various private groups, brands, and local government agencies as they go on a parade along Baguio City’s major roads. You may also get to see a celebrity or two waving at the crowd from one of the floats.
  • Take a side-trip to must-see tourist spots in Baguio. What’s a trip to Baguio City without some sightseeing? From Burnham Park to Camp John Hay, there’s no shortage of leisurely, family, and barkada-friendly areas to explore in Baguio. If you’re feeling adventurous, how about visiting the notorious Laperal White House, an antique house and museum that happens to be haunted?
  • See Session Road in bloom. Session Road in Bloom is the name of an event that turns the famous road into a bazaar venue. It’s when a long stretch of Session Road becomes a temporary home to hundreds of stalls that sell anything from Vigan longganisa to paintings done by local artists. Be sure to drop by for souvenirs and to catch a glimpse of local life in the City of Pines.
  • The Panagbenga festival in Baguio is doable within a day, which is why day trips during the float parade are popular among tourist agencies. For those who wish to stay in the province for a few days, there are a couple of boutique hotels in Baguio that can cater to them.

What are you waiting for? Book your accommodations and make travel arrangements as early as today. Don’t miss the Panagbenga festival this coming year and be part of a beautiful, decades-old tradition.

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