The pandemic that resulted in most people having to stay at home and shelter in place is slowly coming to an end. Though there’s no doubt that things will never quite be the same again, the reopening of businesses and borders in the new normal is a small light at the end of a tunnel. We’re seeing previously deserted metropolitan areas come back to life. The quiet and empty streets are filling up with the sounds of new and unsure citizens making their way through the world, trying to navigate post-pandemic life. One of the industries most affected by the pandemic has been the tourism and hospitality sector. Traveling has been a huge part of our lives for years. Whether you’re traveling for work or are an adventurer at heart, nothing beats the feeling of hopping on a plane to a new and exciting destination.

After not getting out of the house, let alone traveling, feeling anxious or uneasy about traveling is normal. However, early planning, careful consideration for health and safety protocols, and robust vaccine rollouts have all lent themselves to easing our worries. So if you’re craving the bustling sounds of a new city, the calm, serene waters of the tropics, or the crisp fresh air during snowfall, this may be the time for you to go on that well-deserved vacation. There are various factors to consider when planning your next trip—engaging a travel agent, especially for an international trip, maybe the best way to go. The experts can iron out any kinks your itinerary might have and walk you through the protocols associated with traveling in the new normal.


The first thing to take into consideration would be the destination. Planning out any great trip starts with what location you have in mind for your next great adventure. Keeping in mind that traveling has been on the top of everyone’s minds as of late, a little research into your dream destinations can’t hurt. Busy tourist spots may not be the places to visit and isn’t exactly a baby step if this is your first trip in the new normal.

According to CDC, Japan, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, and Taiwan are some of the countries tagged with the lowest risks for Covid-19. Those in colder climates want to experience the warm sunshine rays and clear blue waters of the tropics. In comparison, those in the tropics may be looking forward to experiencing life in the big cities such as Tokyo and crave the opportunity to watch their first snowfall.


Once you’ve got a destination in mind, it’s time to plan out what adventures you’d like to have once you get there. While flying by the seat of your pants may have worked prior to the pandemic, you’ll find yourself having a significantly harder time doing that today. International travel requires a new layer of knowledge that even the most experienced of travelers might struggle to keep up. Checking out possible destinations online and what it will be like on the ground is essential.

Social activities like going to a restaurant with friends, visiting a scenic hiking trail, visiting a beautiful wine vineyard, and bike rides in the country are all popular activities that get you the fresh air you’ve been craving. Trying out Japan’s delicious sushi, visiting new breweries that use citra hops in their brews, having an indulgent glass of rose from a quaint vineyard, these are the memories we’ll keep with us after our trip.


While many of us are craving international travel, there’s probably plenty of new experiences that don’t require hopping on a plane for an international 13-hour flight. Your destination will also hinge on your comfort level for what mode of transportation you’ll be using. You can look into some great destinations that you can get to via private car. A long road trip with the windows down, watching the sunset, and a whole new horizon in front of you will definitely help shake off the dust isolation has left on all of us.

Your local train, subway, or bus system is another excellent alternative to flying. These options will undoubtedly be more affordable than renting a car or even using your own vehicle, especially if it’s a cross-country trip. You can sit back, relax and watch as you’re taken out of the day-to-day and taken to the new and uncharted territory for you.

Wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing, and however you get there, the important thing is to find some solace in traveling again. Traveling is about enjoying new moments, different cultures, tasting different cuisines, and experiencing the joys of discovering a new place again.

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