Going Skiing for the First Time? Safety Advice

The existing records tell the tale, a majority of accidents involve novice skiers, on the beginner’s slope and their first day of the trip. Thus, it is critical to ski to your ability. If you are not feeling ready for a black run, do not go for it.

Most novice skiers get confused when planning for their first ski holiday. As such, you will find them rushing forĀ last minute ski accommodation bookings as well as purchasing the necessary gear and equipment. After all, is said in done, you want to enjoy your ski holiday. However, this will not be possible if you do not observe the following safety tips.

1. Use proper ski equipment

If you did not buy it yourself, do not borrow from friends. Instead, rent from the ski chalet where you are staying, or a ski shop that is nearby. Reason being, here you are likely to get the right size of equipment for you, as well as a variety to test yourself on, for comfort. Particularly, get ski boots that are fitting and ensure that both bindings are properly adjusted.

2. Learn in advance

Being a new skier, you need to learn and follow all the instructions to the letter. As such, sign up for skiing classes as group or individual, to gain knowledge on the do’s and don’ts. While learning, exercise as much as you can on a regular basis. This way, you will have more fun on the slopes.

3. Respect your limits

Every ski trail will be clearly marked Green Circle, Blue Square, and Black Diamond to denote levels where every skier should be. Do not ski on trails that are beyond your current level. Focus on the trail that you are skiing to avoid distractions which equal accidents.

Skiing is fun, but only if you follow the rules. Obey and respect warnings, because they have been put there for a reason. Do not go off your trail and finally, remember that the skiers below and in front of you have the right of way.

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