Bath: So Much to See and Do

Whether you prefer a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, country cottage, or even a city apartment for your holiday lodging, you’re sure to find one in Bath. With so many choices on where to spend the night and plenty of activities to indulge in during the day, your short break in Bath will be nothing short of memorable.

Performing Arts

Visiting Bath offers you an opportunity to experience some of the finest performing arts. From concerts, comedy, dance, opera to top quality drama, the Theatre Royal will blow your mind. A few highlights you might want to check out include the historic Garrick’s Head Pub, the Ustinov Studio, and the Vaults Restaurant. If you’re with the youngsters, visit the egg, a theatre that caters to children, the youth, and their families. Staying in your room is definitely not an option.

Sporting Events

Are you a big fan of sports? Step out and experience the thrill and excitement of live sporting events by joining passionate supporters of the Bath City Football Club, rugby, racecourse or motorsport at the Castle Combe Circuit. Get to socialise and even enjoy a drink with strangers and make some new friends.

Enjoy the Wonderful Attractions

The city’s founders named Bath after the beautiful Roman Baths that remain in the city to this day. If you choose to tour the Roman Baths, stop by the pump room and taste the spa water which reportedly contains 43 minerals with healing powers. Visit the iconic Stonehenge and view objects from hundreds of years ago.

You can even encounter wildlife at the Longleat Safari and Adventure Park. There is also a jungle express train available to take you around the park. Children can enjoy the Adventure Castle, Rocking Rhino ride and Little Explorers Garden.

Top the trip off with excellent accommodation. For the perfect home-away-from-home feel, choose bed and breakfast. Following a day of exploring, there’s nothing better than relaxing in a comfy bed, after all.

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