What are the Ideal Months for a Vacation in Singapore?

Travelling is a good way to unwind, explore a new environment and create wonderful memories and experiences. It likewise gives you more time to relax or pamper yourself if you love travelling alone. If you are to travel with your friends or family, visiting another country is a good idea, as it will take the excitement and experience a notch higher. Singapore is one of the most popular destinations for solo and group travellers from around the world.

When planning a vacation overseas, you need to time your trip very well, so you can make the most of it. If you want to see Singapore in a festive mood, the best time to plan a visit normally falls between July and September with several events lined up for the tourists. You can get the best out of your trip and bring home wonderful memories of your enjoyable stay in the Garden City.

Those who like to spend a vacation during a pleasant weather should stay in Singapore between February and April, which are the months between the summer and winter. This is the best time to enjoy the different activities offered in multiple tourist spots across the country.

Plan Early

Merlion during sunriseAside from knowing the right time for a holiday, tourists should plan early for other miscellaneous expenses. For instance, the price of a Sentosa Merlion ticket may be cheaper if you buy before your scheduled trip. The best to find great deals is by browsing the Internet and visiting different travel websites. Compare the rates and inclusions before you buy a package or pass.

The best deals on shopping also happen in July, particularly during the Great Singapore Sale, whilst the Singapore Food Festival takes place this month as well. The Garden City is generally hot and humid throughout the year, although May and June are the hottest months. Take note of the clothes you need to wear during your stay between November and January; this is when rain showers are common and may last for a long time.

Vacation Ideas

Some of the best activities for your next vacation in Singapore include floatation therapy, which is perfect for health and wellness enthusiasts. This involves floating in a pod filled with up to 600 kilos of Epsom salts for up to 90 minutes to cure inflammation, stiff muscles and joints.

Food souvenirs are likewise a hit among tourists. From salted-egg fish skins to different confectionery treats, most people come back to Singapore just to get their hands on these delicacies. You can bring these products home and give to your friends, colleagues, or extended family members. Singapore is also one of the best Halal-friendly destinations, according to the Mastercard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index.

Tourists flock to Singapore all year round, so the best time to visit the city-state depends on your reason for travelling. Use this guide to plan your trip and get the most of the experience. Make some early preparations to avoid the last-minute hassle and other problems. The earlier you plan, the more affordable your vacation could be.

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