Three Quick Tips for the Smart Traveler

Having a hard time relaxing each time you travel? It might be time to rethink how and what you pack. Travel should have a relaxing effect on you, and not the exact opposite.

Here are a few genius travel tips that might come in handy the next time you pack.

Pack light

You’ve probably heard or read about this tip a number of times, yet you just can’t help but bring your entire home with you. Most people who can’t buy into light packing are worried that they might need something and it won’t be there. That’s nonsense. Packing light is one way to enjoy a hassle-free trip. Plus, packing light means you don’t “lug” your things around; you just “carry” them, so your back and shoulders will thank you.

Wear Merino

Merino wool is highly breathable and it manages moisture better than just about any other fabric. It warms you in cool climates, and keeps you cool when you hit hotter areas. It wicks away sweat from your skin, and lasts a long time. So if you pack a few Merinos you don’t have to carry a bunch of other clothing. You can even wear socks, a shirt or a sweater of this material for days without smelling—perfect when you don’t have access to a laundromat.

Avoid rolling luggage

If you need a roll-on, you’re probably packing too much stuff. Get a comfortable backpack or satchel that you can bring anywhere. Imagine not having to check it at the airport or worrying about leaving your things in the hotel. No delays and no need to go back to grab your bag if there are unexpected changes in your plans.

These travel ideas will let you enjoy your trips so much more. Try them today and worry less.

Collin Day

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