Surviving Budget Airlines Flights: 4 Things to Remember

Only $9 to fly to Texas from LA? Who wouldn’t grab the deal, right? Budget airlines (and their offers) are continuously on the rise. Unfortunately, they’re also known for their notorious policies. However, there are ways you can enjoy flying on budget airlines and have fun on your holidays overall.

Whether you are getting cheap flights from South Bend through a budget airline or you simply got lucky with a big one, travelers who have flown through South Bend International Airport says that there are ways you can survive flying on cheap fares:

1. Always read

The terms and conditions when flying are universal. However, things can get a bit tricky with budget airlines. Depending on which airline you are flying with, your allowable carry-on luggage weight can be between 7kg and 10kg. Your check-in time and the issuance of your boarding passes can also vary. Therefore, it is important to read their policies and follow it. Failure to do so can definitely cause extra payment on your side.

2. Choose your seat

This option is available in both budget and regular airlines. It might come with a price, but if you’re a 6-footer, then paying those extra dollars to be seated on the emergency exit for bigger legroom is definitely worth it. After all, your ticket price is already way below the regular one. Invest in comfort, especially when your flights are quite long.

3. Bring your own food and entertainment

Most budget airlines do not give proper meals. You have to buy them and they usually come with a price. The most practical way not to starve is to bring your own food. While snacks are often served, it’s best to bring your own so you won’t get hungry. Have a book to read or install the latest games on your phone to keep you entertained throughout the whole flight. Unfortunately, some planes do not offer an in-flight entertainment system.

4. Lower your expectations

When your flight ticket is equivalent to the price of two Big Macs Meals, then putting your expectations on where it should be is necessary. Budget airlines are known for delays, and it’s something you have to be prepared for. If you are rushing to a meeting, booking one might not be a good idea. Knowing what to expect and basing your standards and expectations to what your booked airline can offer can prevent you from getting pissed and dampening your holiday mood.

Flying via budget airline soon? Know what to expect and prepare accordingly. That way, you would be comfortable with your flight — minus the disappointments.

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