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The IRONBULL has come to Wisconsin, and it will have people running and having the time of their lives. IRONBULL is a company that dedicates itself to organizing extreme races and events, and it has decided to make Wisconsin its home. Several functions are already lined up for adventure seekers and more significant events.

Injecting more Energy into Wisconsin

IRONBULL dedicates itself to promoting an active lifestyle and economically developing their base. It does so by organizing big adventure races that have the potential to attract thousands of competitors. Wisconsin might be famous for its delectable cheese and numerous cheese stores, but IRONBULL is intent on also making Wausau and Wisconsin the “Extreme Sports Capital” of the US. The company has already lined up several big events starting with the May 25 Rib Mountain adventure challenge. This adventure race encompasses six disciplines, including running, cycling, trekking, canoeing, team challenges, and orienteering. It is open to teams of 2-4, and they can opt to join either the full 8-hour course or the shorter 3-hour course. IRONBULL Events are sanctioned by the United States Adventure Racing Association (USARA), so you can be sure that the safety and welfare of participants, spectators, volunteers, and officials are of the utmost importance.

Why Get into Adventure Racing

An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle, and one thing that can keep you engaged is having a specific goal. Training for a big event — like an ultramarathon — gives you enough motivation to go out and keep on training. Of course, you can start by pursuing small goals like running a 10-minute mile and building up from there. Adventure races also require several disciplines, so it keeps you from hitting a plateau in your fitness efforts. Joining a race and finishing a race also builds up your character and self-esteem, giving you a little bit more confidence to face whatever situation.

Safety and Preparation


Joining an adventure race requires a bit of preparation. Aside from the training and equipment involved, you’ll still have to adjust to the prevailing race conditions. Wear proper clothing and try not to expose a lot of skin, especially if you’ll be out in the sun for more than 8 hours. UV rays can be punishing, and sunburns can sting. Speaking of stings, it might be prudent to carry a few doses of antihistamine or even an EpiPen — just in case you encounter something you’re allergic to. Follow the race guidelines and don’t stray off course; the race organizers have little control of the area outside the course so you might encounter something nasty. Drink a lot of water and don’t hesitate to take a breather if you feel like something is off. Race volunteers should be close at hand, so feel free to ask for assistance whenever you or a fellow competitor need help.

Adventure races are something to experience and conquer. They’re a lot of fun, and they keep you a little bit healthier. Lace up those running shoes and get ready to overcome those extreme challenges.

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