Do you know that 65 percent of Americans drink alcoholic beverages? In America, beer is king, beating liquor and wine. For many Americans, beer is the alcoholic beverage of choice.

As beer rises in popularity, microbreweries and craft beer makers are also increasing in numbers. People are now inspired to create their craft beer and look for suppliers of galaxy hops. Knowing where to buy these ingredients is a step for these young entrepreneurs to know their market. They also cite the following benefits of beer as the main reason why they want to enter the business.

Beer can induce sleep and relaxation.

Beer has a relatively low alcohol content compared to other alcoholic drinks, but it stimulates the body to produce the hormone dopamine, which induces sleep and relaxation.

You also don’t need to drink too much beer to feel sleepy. In one study at the Indiana University of Medicine, the participants only needed to taste a tablespoon of beer to feel sleepy.

Beer is good for your heart.

People who drink moderate amounts of dark ales and stouts have been are at less risk of heart attacks. In one study, researchers found that drinking beer in moderate amounts lessens the risk of atherosclerosis.

Beer also cuts the risk of strokes. When you drink beer, it makes your arteries flexible and lessens the incidence of blood clots.

Beer can strengthen your bones.

Beer contains silicon, which can prevent bone erosion and weakening. It also induces your bones to grow. However, researchers say that this effect is only possible if you drink beer moderately. Drinking too much could raise the risk of bone fractures.

For The Love of Beer

If you think you have the passion for creating craft beer, do some research and look for the ingredients that will make your beer special and healthy.  After all, everyone loves beer and this list proves why you should keep drinking it in moderation.

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