Experience South Carolina with These Trip Ideas

South Carolina is an interesting state to visit; it has historical and even haunted attractions, a beautiful beach, plantations, restaurants and bars and several other places of interest and things to do. You can easily fill your itinerary when planning your trip.

If you are considering a trip to South Carolina, here are things to experience and places to visit.

Myrtle Beach

South Carolina, make sure to visit Myrtle Beach; this attraction is a go-to destination of both locals and visitors during the summer. The fine sand stretches for miles, and the azure waters will entice you to take a dip. Go on long leisurely walks, go sunbathing, swimming, or enjoy different activities at Broadway at the Beach. This is an ideal addition to itineraries for families with children.

The Historic District of Charleston

Charleston is a place where you can get a glimpse of the long and storied past of the state. The district is home to more than a thousand historic houses and churches. A walk here will take you back and time and experience the antebellum ambiance of the south.

One way to explore the area is on a carriage there are also walking tours that provide tidbits about the district. Some houses to consider visiting are the Nathaniel Russell House and the Aiken-Rhett House. Visit the museums as well to get a clearer picture of the district’s history.

South Carolina State Museum

If you love museums, make sure to include this one in your itinerary. This is the state’s largest museum it has four floors that display the culture, history, technology and other details about South Carolina. Some of the exhibits are interactive and immersive; these add to your experience during a visit. If you have kids, you can bring them here as part of your itinerary.

Caesars Head State Park

After exploring the historic district, the plantations or the museums, leave the urban jungle and experience nature. Caesars Head State Park is an ideal place to visit in the city. Some of the trails will take you to The Overlook with spectacular views of the famous Table Rock. Another noteworthy place to see inside the park is the tallest waterfall in the state, Raven Cliff Falls.

Old Charleston Jail

Upon first glance, you might think the jail looks like a castle, but it is a place that housed many infamous criminals, serial killers, Civil War prisoners, and even pirates. They have died in the jail, and many say that their spirits still linger in the complex. Some visitors say they heard slamming doors, shouts, and whispers while exploring the site. Because of these, the Charleston Hail has earned a reputation as one of the most haunted places to visit in the district. Go on one of the haunted tours in Charleston, SC, for a unique experience.

Charleston Harbor and Fort Sumter

Charleston harbor skyline

This destination is a historic site because the attack that took place on Fort Sumter was the starting point of the American Civil War in 1861. This is a good place to visit for those who want to learn more about Civil War history.

These are just some of the places of interest and things to do during your trip around South Carolina. Include these in your itinerary to learn more about the state and experience all it has to offer.

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