Best Places to Go and Things to Do in Seattle with Your Family

Domestic travel can be as fun and epic as an international trip. It’s actually more advisable if you’re bringing your kids because long hours in an airplane can make them cranky, which could inconvenience other passengers.

So if you’re wondering which city in America will your family have a great time in, consider Seattle, among many other destinations. It has a thriving urban life, but still serene because it’s surrounded by rich nature. The attractions are highly spectacular, too. Book a top-rated hotel close to Space Needle, so you can have easy access to the famous tower, as well as to all the other wonderful shopping, dining, and playing hubs.

Here are the top family-friendly places and things to do in Seattle, Washington:

1. Watch a Play at Seattle Children’s Theater

Start your trip with a relaxing activity by watching a kid-friendly play at Seattle Children’s Theater. Your kids will surely enjoy this especially if they have a developing interest in theater, or has a penchant for acting at their school plays. Seattle Children’s Theater will give your family access to theater education, giving your kids an opportunity to widen their scope of knowledge about the art.

2. Play Arcade Games at Gameworks

Gameworks offers over 180 kid-friendly arcade games, which adults will also surely enjoy. Indulge in a driving game while your kids busy themselves in a carnival game, or compete with them in a fighting game! If you become famished after a particularly intense round, food is available within the premises, so dining is totally hassle-free.

3. Take a Tour to Seattle Underground

Every family trip needs to have an educational benefit, and a tour to Seattle Underground provides just that. The attraction is one of the world’s most famous interconnecting tunnels, so expect to gather bits of interesting historical facts as you engage in the 75-minute tour.

4. Let Your Kids Roam Free at Seattle Children’s Museum

If your kids are younger than 10, Seattle’s Children Museum is designed just for them. You’d find an imagination studio, global village, and eye clinic in there, all of which offering a fun hands-on learning experience for your children. You might also find yourself loving the place — sophisticated art and innovation knows no age!

5. Go Up to Space Needle’s Observation Deck

No trip to Seattle is complete without an exhilarating experience. Don’t miss the chance to go up the 520th floor of Space Needle, and get a clear 360° view of the whole city. Don’t let your fear of heights stop you!

Tips for Traveling With Kids

Downtown Seattle

If your trip to Seattle will be your first out-of-town family vacation, here are some pointers to make it hassle-free, especially for the kids:

  • Bring your kid’s toys. Babies aged 0-2 tend to be attached to their toys, so allow them to carry one around as you travel.
  • Let your kids walk. Carrying them all-day in your arms or in a strapper may deplete your energy fast, so take it easy and let them walk occasionally.
  • Have plenty of downtimes. Toddlers tend to get moody when they’re tired, so take many breaks to refuel their energies.
  • Let them choose where to go and what to do. If your kids are already in kindergarten or elementary, they’d greatly appreciate having some sense of control in the trip, however little.
  • Bring a first-aid kit. Your kids may get injured or sick from having too much fun, so be equipped with meds and bandages just to be sure.
  • Vaccinate them weeks ahead of the trip. Vaccines tend to have side-effects which can manifest a day later, so schedule their appointments ahead of time.
  • Pack the essentials. Extra clothes, pacifiers, bottles, food, and drink — ensure that you’ll bring all of those.

Traveling with kids may be a load on your bag, but the smiles on their faces will make all your efforts worth it.

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