Bath: A City that Boasts One Thing Other Cities Lack

Bath is the only city in the United Kingdom to have obtained the title of being a World Heritage site. This alone can ignite interest and intrigue in anyone, prompting them to wonder just how UNESCO found it fitting of the title. Once they find out, many of them visit the place keep coming back.

There are many good reasons to follow suit and book your stay in a charming boutique B&B in Bath. One is having the chance to gaze upon a majestic mix of impressive Georgian architecture and Roman tradition. But there is more to the city than just historic sites.

Bath: The only place in the UK that has natural hot springs

Bath is the sole area in the nation to have natural thermal baths or hot springs. The healing waters come straight from the geothermal springs hidden underground.

Hundreds of ‘hot spring’ spas operate throughout the country, but none can compare to the ultimate enjoyment, pleasure, and most importantly, the health benefits that Bath’s natural thermal waters can bring.

Soaking in thermal baths: More than just a relaxing getaway

Indeed, surrounding yourself with the soothing waters of a hot spring is one of the best ideas for a relaxing getaway. This is already beneficial to your health, given that relaxation allows the body to cope with all the stress and pressure you place on it. But there is a big difference when you soak your body in a hot spring.

Thanks to the mineral-rich waters of natural hot springs, bathing in it can bring many benefits to your skin, blood circulation and oxygen flow. This improves your body’s oxygenation, which helps keep your tissues and vital organs healthy, strong and more resistant to ailments.

So, the next time you plan a short break, consider heading to Bath. The chance to enjoy natural thermal baths is enough reason to visit this wonderful city.

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