Asia has many exciting destinations for those who want to satiate their wanderlust, whether they love history or nature. The region has several centuries-old structures and beautiful landscapes recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Here are just some of the beautiful places you can discover, experience, explore and get lost in during your trip to Asia.

Angkor Wat

These centuries-old temples are the main attraction of Cambodia. The ancient ruins draw millions of visitors to this country. It comes as no surprise because of the well-maintained look, intricate carvings and beautiful sunrise.

The Great Wall

China has many UNESCO Sites, but the most famous and recognizable of them all is the Great Wall in Beijing. This man-made wonder stretches out for kilometers. Visitors can experience walking on it or just take photos from a distance.

Hoi An

Vietnam is a culture and history-rich country. One of the places that should make your list is Hoi An in the central region. This UNESCO-listed ancient town is quaint, with colorful floating lanterns lighting up the night sky. There are also conical hat-wearing locals selling street food and all sorts of items for those who want unique souvenirs.


The Philippines has some of the best maintained and restored Spanish-era relics in the region, whether ancient churches or the old town of Vigan. Walk the cobblestone streets, take photos with the old houses and eat authentic Spanish-Filipino fusion food.


Melaka takes you back in time once you explore its old town; it used to be a bustling port which piqued the interest of world powers at the time. Enjoy the chicken rice balls, shopping at Jonker Street and the vibrancy of the heritage area during the weekends.

Himeji Castle

This UNESCO site is one of the most beautiful castles in Japan; its white exterior gives it a majestic look. Himeji is often plastered on travel magazines because of its beauty. It is also a popular photo destination for those who want to see cherry blossoms.

These are only some of the UNESCO sites you will enjoy when touring Asia. Find time to explore them and many others; you’ll understand why they hold such a prestigious label.

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