A Minimalist’s Guide to a Long Weekend in London

Despite the wet and gloomy weather of London, it remains to be one of the top cities visited by tourists in the world. Whether you’re spending your gap year backpacking across Europe or want a quick escape from your daily surroundings for a dose of history and culture, here are options to inspire you in planning your itinerary in the city while retaining your minimalist values.

Within Central London

There are a lot of attractions around Central London that don’t involve iconic and destination department stores like Harrod’s or Selfridge’s. Visit famous galleries and museums like the National Gallery and the Natural History Museum. Expect to see the world’s best theatre talents in West End. And if you like something a bit more fast-paced, watch an English Premier League match. Thrill seekers can also climb the O2 and get their heart pumping.

Venture Beyond Central London

Don’t be stuck in Central London and be drawn by crowds towards Oxford or Bond Street where there’s not much to do but shop. Being away from home can become a trigger for unnecessary shopping and make adhering to your minimalist values harder. Look for more meaningful experiences by venturing outside London to Wiltshire, west of Amesbury to see the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge. Learn about the life and times of Neolithic ancestors of the English people by taking a two-hour bus ride from Salisbury train and bus station. Book your tickets in advance to ensure entry on the time and date of your choice.

To maximise your journey outside of London even more, continue on to the city of Bath about an hour away from Stonehenge. Discovery why so many Londoners take short breaks in Bath, a World Heritage Site. Bath has so much more to offer aside from its thermal spas that date back from the Roman times. The city hosts regular festivals for theatre, music and the arts and is a well-known gastronomic paradise. Treat yourself to an overnight stay here and you won’t regret it.

Travelling to a cosmopolitan city like London doesn’t mean succumbing to a hyper-consumerist lifestyle even for a few days. Continue to live your authentic lives even when travelling to a capitalist destination by selecting these experience centred attractions.

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