Back in the old days, almost every tavern and founding father made their own beers. The number of tavern brewers has dwindled since then, but microbreweries sprung to life starting in the 1990s. If do-it-yourself experts can make their own furniture, then anyone should also try to make their own beer.

Enthusiasts can easily buy hops from suppliers like Hop Havoc, and be on your way to independence from beer makers. For those who want to try their hand at crafting beer, here are a few reasons to start making your own brew:

It is cheap.

Beer is water, cereal, and yeast allowed to work their magic in the dark. Out of that comes beer, which is cheap. It is so cheap that it costs almost as much to brew three or four gallons of beer as it is to brew one gallon of beer.

You can make as much as you want.

Once you know the process, and understand what makes a beer taste like beer, you can scale up or scale down as necessary or as much as you want. Beer is a straightforward math problem. If you want more, then you buy more equipment and raw materials. The equipment are usually things you already have. You just have to buy the raw materials.

You can set your own standard and quality.

One reason craft brews are interesting is due to their quality standards and different tastes. These were created following the taste buds of their manufacturers. If you brew your own beer, it would taste uniquely your own. It is something you can be proud of.

Making beer is a time-honored tradition that is making a comeback. As more young people experiment with their own methods and recipes, there will be more and more craft beer brands to taste and experience.

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