3 Must-See Architectural Feats in Bath

Bath is iconic for its world-famous sites such as the Roman Baths and the Royal Crescent, but the city also hosts other places of interest. Deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 for its historical value, Bath City boasts quite a repertoire of cultural attractions.

Visitors can choose to spend a day visiting the sites. However, for those who wish to enjoy a longer stay, Bath has plentiful options when it comes to accommodation. Many hotels can be found the city centre of Bath.

Pulteney Bridge

The Pulteney Bridge was designed in 1769 by Robert Adam who had an unconventional idea. The bridge would be lined with shops, making it a commercial area in itself. Following the Palladian style, grand Venetian elements bookended both sides of the structure, adding a sense of ornamentation to the bridge. While the design changed multiple times over the centuries, the local authorities designated the bridge as a monument in 1936. Pulteney Bridge, now filled with modern shops and cafes, remains a prime spot for basking in the city.


The Circus derives its name from the perfect circular arrangement of all its town houses. John Wood the Elder designed the town house and it was finished by his son John Wood, the Younger. The key point of the structure is that the same façade appears from any angle when viewed from the centre. To date, it stands as one of the lasting exemplars of Georgian architecture with its emphasis on visual symmetry and balance.

Bath Abbey

Inscribing years of history into its halls, monasteries and towers, Bath Abbey, also known as The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Paul, is a church built in the English Gothic style. While it is primarily a place of worship, it still welcomes visitors of varying beliefs from across the globe. Aside from the regular religious services, the centuries-old structure also holds tours, exhibitions, and other events for tourists and pilgrims alike.

Architecture can tell stories and in Bath even the walls can speak the city’s secrets.

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