Our Divisions

Beyond Boundaries Travel, renamed in April 2003, has been a special interest tour operator for over 12 years. We share our passions, interests and expertise in these special areas of biking, skiing, adventure and now literary and women's tours with our clients for a truly extraordinary experience!
Jeff Guillaume (webmaster and editor-in-chief of HPANA), Heidi Tandy (co-founder of FictionAlley) and Jeannie Barresi (co-owner of Beyond Boundaries Travel) planned a Harry Potter fan's dream vacation to the United Kingdom, set to take place in the summer of 2004 with the theatrical release of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Following and building upon the success of that premiere tour, HP Fan Trips in the years since has whisked thousands of Harry Potter fans to Britain and Scotland, featuring an exclusive ride in the carriages used as the Hogwarts Express in the filming of the Harry Potter movies, private parties at Edinburgh Castle and much more. HP Fan Trips in 2011 continues the tradition of offering unsurpassed experiences for Harry Potter fans for the eighth year.
FanTrips.travel, a division of Beyond Boundaries Travel (est 1991), has been designing and operating unique fan experiences since 2004. We meticulously research each location and highlight to be sure it's relevant, interesting and above all, enjoyable. We include unique and exclusive elements for each tour and event making the experience much richer for fans. FanTrips.travel has created or been a major partner in events such as a Borders Books nationwide campaign for a book launch, movie release parties, a Visit Britain nationwide campaign, a huge book release party in 2006 in Chicago, several HP conventions, book release events in the UK in partnership with Waterstone's, private events for high-end clients, and even Fan Trips in foreign languages.
Bike Beyond Boundaries offers cyclists worldwide adventures such as Egypt to Bike and Sail the Nile, bike tours down from Bangkok to Angkor Wat to Saigon, Mexico, Hawaii's Maui, Lanai, Molokai island hopping, European Classic Adventures or a host of other biking destinations around the globe, Bike Beyond Boundaries has always been an innovator in new and exotic destinations for you to explore.